Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Geometric Beanie

This is a project idea I got from a beanie I had a while back. It looks completely different, but functions just the same - - it's large, covers my ears, and looks really cool! It's very stretchy because of the variation in stitches, but if necessary I added a large size in parenthesis.

What you will need:
1 skein of worsted weight wool. I used Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn in Luxury Ombre. (I would strongly recommend a tricolor yarn otherwise the pattern doesn't come out nearly the same.)
1 set of US Size 8 16" circular needles
1 set of US Size 8 double pointed needles

4 stitches and 5 rows = 1 square inch in stockinette stitch.

Loosely cast on 80 (84) stitches.
Join row and place stitch marker.
Row 1-5: K1 P1 & repeat for entire row. This will be sewn in later for the rim. (5 rows total)
Row 6: Purl entire row. This makes the first 5 stitches fold inwards, making it easier to sew together.
Row 7-11: P1 K1 & repeat for entire row. (5 rows total)
Row 12-16:  Purl entire row. (5 rows total)
Row 17-22: Knit entire row. (6 rows total, 7 for large sized)
Row 23-27: Purl entire row. (5 rows total)
Row 28-33:  K3 P1 & repeat for entire row. (6 rows total, 7 for large sized)
Row 34-38: Purl entire row. (5 rows total)
Row 39: K18 (19), K2TG around & repeat for entire row, decreasing 4 stitches per row.
Row 40: K17 (18), K2TG around.
Row 41: K16 (17), K2TG around.
Row 42: K15 (16), K2TG around.
Row 43: K14 (15), K2TG around.
Row 44: P13 (14), P2TG around, decreasing 4 stitches per row.
Row 45: P12 (13), P2TG around.
Row 46: P11 (12), P2TG around.
Row 47: P10 (11), P2TG around.
Row 48: P9 (10), P2TG around.
Row 49: (for large sized only!!!)  P9, P2TG around.
!At this point, both large and normal sized are even. 
Row 50: K3, K2TG around.
Row 51: P2, P2TG around.
Row 52: K1, K2TG around.
Row 52: K2TG around.
Row 53: There should be 8 stitches left. Cut the yarn with a foot to spare and pull that through the remaining stitches with a yarn or crochet needle.

Now you'll notice that the first 5 rows fold slightly into the hat. Fold them all the way in and use a yarn or crochet needle to sew that into the next five, creating the rim of the hat.  This can be done very easily, using the extra yarn from the beginning of the hat and adding more if necessary.
 And you are done!


  1. Thanks for the cool pattern. What does "TG" stand for?

  2. K2TG means knit two together

  3. I'm a novice. When do you switch to double points?