Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seedie Beanie Version 1

So I think this hat has broken a new record for me. I made and tore up six versions of it before I finally perfected what I was looking for all along.

And here, here is the seedie beanie. Because I am clearly not good at naming things.

This is version 1 of the hat: Large sized, looser. The second version of the hat will be given its own post.

Gauge: 2.5 stitches and 4 rows per 1 inch.

Materials are as follows:
1 skein of Loops and Threads Charisma yarn
1 set of US #13 9mm double pointed needles
Optional: 1 16 inch circular US #13 9mm needle. (I say optional because I know these are harder to find.)
1 stitch marker (most stitch markers don't fit 9mm needles. You may just need to use a key ring or a tied up piece of yarn.)

Cast on 44 stitches. Join in a round and place a stitch marker.

Round 1-7: K2, P2 around for 7 rows
Round 8: Begin your seed stitch. K1, P1, K1, P1 for 8 stitches, increase by 1 stitch continuing the pattern. This means, if the last stitch was a purl, you increase by picking up the stitch below it with a knit. Repeat 5 times. Seed the last 4 stitches. (Total of 49 stitches now)
Round 9: P1 K1 P1 K1 and continue until the end of the round.
Rounds 10 - 26: Continue with seed stitch. Begin each even row with a knit stitch and each odd row with a purl stitch.

Begin decrease:
Round 27: Seed 22, Decrease 2 (P2T, K2T), Seed 23 (47 stitches remaining)
Round 28: Seed round
Round 29: Decrease 2 (P2T, K2T), Seed 43 (45 stitches remaining)
Round 30: Seed round
Round 31: Seed 18, Decrease 2 (P2T, K2T), Seed 19, Decrease 2 (K2T, P2T) (41 stitches remaining)
Round 32: Seed round
Round 33: Seed 16, Decrease 2 (P2T, K2T), Seed 17, Decrease 2 (K2T, P2T) (37 stitches remaining)
Round 34: Seed round
Round 35: Seed 5, Dec. 2, Seed 5, Dec. 2, Seed 5, Dec. 2, Seed 6, Dec. 2 (29 stitches remaining)
Round 36: Seed round
Round 37: Seed 3, Dec. 2, Seed 3, Dec. 2, Seed 3, Dec. 2, Seed 4, Dec. 2 (21 stitches remaining)
Round 38: Seed round
Round 39: Seed 1, Dec. 2, Seed 1, Dec. 2, Seed 1, Dec. 2, Seed 2, Dec. 2 (13 stitches remaining)
Round 40: Seed 1, Dec. 6 (7 stitches remaining)

Close off hat. 

And now you're done with the hat.

If you so desire, you should have more than enough yarn left over to make a large pom pom for the hat. If you don't know how to make a pom pom, try looking up instructions on youtube. It takes a while and a bit of patience but it's really very easy.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Versatility Squared - Men's Hat

Okay. So I typically make a habit out of knitting gifts for the people I care about every holiday season. This year I dragged my poor boyfriend to Knitty City in Manhattan while he watched me hop and skip around like a little child picking out what yarn I wanted. I then suggested he pick out a yarn and I'll make him a hat out of it. Thus followed several attempts and remakes of a very simple winter hat because he has such a gigantic head that I kept underestimating how big to make the hat. Neither my head nor my mother's were accurate assumptions. Hey, at least he's got lots of brain cells working in that head.

This is a basic knit hat that's made with knitting needles slightly smaller than recommended for the specific yarn. This allows for the hat to be dense in cold weather. It has the New York City January Wind seal of approval.

Gauge: 6 stitches and 7 rows per 1 inch

What you will need is the following supplies

US #5/3.75mm set of double pointed needles
16 inch circular needle of the same size
Stitch marker

Yarn: Berroco Vintage DK Yarn in whatever color you prefer

Cast on 100 stitches
Join in round, place stitch marker

K2 P2 K2 P2....and repeat for 16 rounds
K one round
P2 K2 P2 K2....and repeat for 15 rounds
K25, Inc 1 four times, giving you a total of 104 stitches

Knit 40 rounds (hat will measure slightly more than 8 inches)

Begin decreasing to close off the hat:
K12, K2t seven times, k6 (Decrease of 7, 97 left)
Knit 1 round
K6, K2t twelve times, K1 (Decrease of 12, 85 left)
Knit 1 round
K5, K2t twelve times, K1 (Decrease of 12, 73 left)
Knit 1 round
K4, K2t twelve times, K1 (Decrease of 12, 61 left)
Knit 1 round
K3, K2t twelve times, K1 (Decrease of 12, 49 left)
Knit 1 round
K2, K2t twelve times, K1 (Decrease of 12, 37 left)
Knit 1 round
K1, K2t twelve times, K1 (Decrease of 12, 25 left)
Knit 1 round
K2t twelve times, K1 (Decrease of 12, 13 left)
K2t six times, K1 (Decrease of 12, 7 left)

Close off the hat

And there you go.

Abbreviations -
K = knit
P = purl
K2t = knit 2 together
Inc = increase, which is usually done by picking up the stitch underneath the one you just previously knitted. If you need help with this, youtube has some fantastic tutorials on this.