Thursday, December 25, 2014

Easy Knit Project Ideas: Rainbow Wristlet

This is an adorable project that takes 30 minutes to knit! It makes a pretty cute accessory with most outfits.

Easily adjustable. I will outline S/M/L sizes here, but you can certainly adjust accordingly.

Supplies: Set of US #8 double pointed needles
YARN! Lots of yarn! I recommend Red Heart, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple!


Instructions: With black yarn, Cast on 30 (S), 32 (M) or 36 (L). Knit 1 round.
2-4 : Switch to red yarn, knit 3 rounds.
5-7 : Switch to orange yarn, knit 3 rounds.
8-10: Switch to yellow yarn, knit 3 rounds.
11-13: Switch to green yarn, knit 3 rounds.
14-16: Switch to blue yarn, knit 3 rounds.
17-19: Switch to purple yarn, knit 3 rounds.
20: Switch to black yarn, knit 1 round
Cast off.

And that's it. Variations will be posted soon. Item will be listed in my etsy store.